From the Writers… A Guide to Organizing Your Writing

Finding your main and sub-arguments
17 March 2023
WMW Editorial Team

For writers of all kinds, one key to success is learning to effectively organize your writing. However, this is especially important for medical writers…. Continue Reading

Dude, where’s my CAR (T cell) ?

Hyphenating “CAR T cell”
20 April 2021
WMW Editorial Team

The use of a hyphen within the phrase “CAR T cell” (or “chimeric antigen receptor T cell”) varies throughout the titles of articles listed on PubMed…. Continue Reading

Understanding the Drug Development Process

Broadening the Medical Writer’s View
18 September 2020
WMW Editorial Team

The process by which new drugs are developed and approved are quite intricate and time consuming, but that’s because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must ensure that all newly marketed medicines meet the necessary standards for safety and effectiveness. However, as medical writers, we…. Continue Reading

From the Editors… AMA Style: Tips and Tricks

The do’s and don’ts in medical writing
02 August 2019
WMW Editorial Team

Even the most experienced medical writers and editors will have questions about AMA Style. Being able to consult a trusted resource, whether it’s the AMA Manual of Style itself, or the AMA website/blog, is vital for quickly answering those pesky questions about punctuation, capitalization, spacing, and so on…. Continue Reading

Highlights and Headlines from ASCO 2019

Wiesen Medical Writing recaps some of the top data and presentations from this year’s annual ASCO meeting
11 June 2019
WMW Editorial Team

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recently wrapped up its annual meeting in Chicago, IL. This year’s meeting gathered approximately 40,000 attendees; and featured thousands of presentations showcasing the newest developments in cancer research… Continue Reading